Wednesday, April 28, 2010


My birthday is Saturday woohoo! My big ol drunk fest of a 21st birthday. I'm excited but also know I'm going to get SICK which I REALLY don't want to happen so I've convinced Marc to drink every drink that I drink because he is my conscience. We are having this wonderful event at a pub called Scott E's that is Marc's favorite so it should be nice. I (of course) have never been there so we'll see! Marc bought pizza and beer for everyone who's decided to show up so it should be good!

Wedding planning sucks balls. I'm going to let you in on a little secret. If someone sends you an RSVP card that means we want you to send that shit back to us even if you can't come or arent sure yet..just CONTACT ME IN SOME SHAPE OR FORM. It says on the RSVP to reply before April 20th..well it's April 28th jerk heads and I've yet to hear from some and I've already REMINDED them and thats just that. Oh well right? It's nice though to be looking forward to my birthday because it gives me a little bit of a change from thinking of the wedding too much. I just keep reminding myself that this is about the day, not about the _____ or the ______.

I'm so excited to be Marc's wife he's my everything. I can't believe we have been together two and a half years! June 4th June 4th June 4th!

These last couple of weeks have been shop-heavy. I've bought a whole new wardrobe for a slimmer figure (go me I kick ass I know, I know its rude to self congratulate but if you've ever lost weight and KEPT it off you'll know what I mean) and I'm excited to start wearing them, and Goodwill should be happy since they just got five bags full-o-fatty clothes!

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