Wednesday, April 28, 2010


My birthday is Saturday woohoo! My big ol drunk fest of a 21st birthday. I'm excited but also know I'm going to get SICK which I REALLY don't want to happen so I've convinced Marc to drink every drink that I drink because he is my conscience. We are having this wonderful event at a pub called Scott E's that is Marc's favorite so it should be nice. I (of course) have never been there so we'll see! Marc bought pizza and beer for everyone who's decided to show up so it should be good!

Wedding planning sucks balls. I'm going to let you in on a little secret. If someone sends you an RSVP card that means we want you to send that shit back to us even if you can't come or arent sure yet..just CONTACT ME IN SOME SHAPE OR FORM. It says on the RSVP to reply before April 20th..well it's April 28th jerk heads and I've yet to hear from some and I've already REMINDED them and thats just that. Oh well right? It's nice though to be looking forward to my birthday because it gives me a little bit of a change from thinking of the wedding too much. I just keep reminding myself that this is about the day, not about the _____ or the ______.

I'm so excited to be Marc's wife he's my everything. I can't believe we have been together two and a half years! June 4th June 4th June 4th!

These last couple of weeks have been shop-heavy. I've bought a whole new wardrobe for a slimmer figure (go me I kick ass I know, I know its rude to self congratulate but if you've ever lost weight and KEPT it off you'll know what I mean) and I'm excited to start wearing them, and Goodwill should be happy since they just got five bags full-o-fatty clothes!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sun Fucker.

wedding planning has sucked the fun right out of me. Fun sucker. Sucker of the fun.

I'm tired

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


T minus 9 days until my 21st birthday!
T minus 44 days until my wedding!

I must admit life is good. I can complain about the trivial things but it wont solve anything so I'm just gonna say life is grand and I'll look back on this time as some of the best memories of my life.

Today Marc left early to go to the "bank" and I (for some reason) DESPERATELY wanted to come with and I was so disappointed when he said no. I was like "no? why no? you never say no!" I felt bad for him though since he had to come right out and say "Chetney you birthday is in almost a week I have things that need to be done!"....... oops, my bad.

I also got a early birthday present from my sister it's called Moroccan oil and it's supposed to do wonders for your hair. I tried it and I LOVE the smell, it also is a really great product to smooth out the frayed ends of a razor cut, but buyer beware its really expensive.

After my dismissal of accompaniment to the "bank" I sulked for a good ten minutes and then got all gussied up since I figured he would want to go do something with me after he was finished with his birthday tasks. Silly me. He took one look at me and said Chetney we have things we need to do at home the laundry is overflowing! UGH UGH UGH! So I took of my going out clothes put on some rabbit chewed crap and began cleaning like little cinderella. Of course I ended up doing the two loads of laundry but I must admit he went down there with me once and unloaded the wet clothes into the dryer because my wrist is all fucked up. I must say though, marc was sweet about not letting me come with him, he even bought me a flower plant thing that I'm going to try not to kill.

During the laundry down time we went to KFC, or should I say KGC? They have that now on the drink cups which is kinda silly. Hod some good grub and went to GOODWILL! I LOVE GOODWILL! I guess I wore him down with my sad puppy eyes about wanting to spend some time with him :) We ended up buying some shirts for one of his clients (he works with adult males who have cerebral palsy in an assisted living home) marc also got a few shirts, and then I got a new gray dress for my 21st, a white eyelet dress for my wedding shower, a green and purple plaid tanktop, and a black blazer type jacket that I thought would look okay with the dress but now that I'm thinking of it, it might just be a little too heavy to wear inside. The gray dress is a tube top so I'll have to figure on that one. I'm a little weirded out about wearing dresses to bars but thats just my style I can't help it! So I'm thinking about just doing cardigans with each dress and a belt to match and cinch my waist which will maybe bring it down a few pegs on the grandma level..also platform wedges will be making an appearance at both events.

Anyway, here's the latest picture of Jaqstein and Violet

They must be lovers :) okay ta ta for now.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


What a LONG LONG DAY! I am so glad we got so much accomplished and everything is getting into place. Alice <--my mother in law and I first went to the tailoring shop to get my dress fitted which was fun and really a happy time. I really have to say how wonderful it felt to have lost so much weight, she had to take quite a bit off of it so it will probably cost more to fix it than it did to make it in the first place. I'm just excited to see it, next Friday it should be half way there. We even saw this cute little feather headband to go with my veil!
After the alterations shop we went to look for centerpiece ideas and ended up no finding what we wanted in Walmart so we went back to her house to see what we could pick up in the Michaels catalog. The decision was made for blue and cream hydrangeas for the bouquet, and black eyed susans in galvanized watering cans for centerpieces. It should be so cute!

Other things we got done:
wedding party planning, food, and reservations
swam with the kiddies
and just had a good time in each others company...

now I'm tired and I just want to SLEEP!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pissy Smisshy

I have to say I'm a little upset over something that is STUPID. My birthday is coming up and I asked Marc to figure out where we are going or whatever and had told him about this at least since march 15th (my b-day is May 1st) and he has YET to plan anything for my birthday. So then I ask Andrea my sister in law to help Marc plan but they haven't even talked about it. I'm frustrated. I know this sounds so DUMB because its like holy shit stop being such a spoiled brat...but I just can't help feeling like this is going to turn out shitty. Who wants to plan their own fucking birthday and this is not just some birthday its my 21st! My one and only 21st!! What do I do?


So I was going to write a little update last night but some shit went down at work and it took me a good long time to finish an incident report before leaving for the night. Highly unusual but still crappy. To explain it in a cut and dry fashion, a repo man was entering the garage without permission but stated that he had the legal rights to do so. I had the police involved, the president of the association, the office manager, and my field supervisor. Ugh it was terrible. I hope they do understand though that If you are 6'5 and 400 pounds (no joke those guys were mammoths) you do flex out showing your bullying power on a 5'3 girl. That is fucked up and just plain DUMB! Anyway, back to my day...

Marc and I had a good morning, he didn't have to go to nana's because its a Wednesday so we had a morning to spend together. We were heading to a hobby store when we saw our little niece (5) and nephew (3) waiting for the bus, it was so nice to see them and little marky was riding his bike :). After visiting with them we went to the hobby store and I bought this book

I plan on doing a book review about it shortly on my other blog Bookworky Reviews. I did my first blog on there yesterday with a book called Sarah's Key check it out!

So after the hobby store we stopped by Walmart and then Mcdonalds for a Frappe Mocha. It was WAY TOO DELICIOUS. Most definitely will be headed to Curves to work some of it off haha! I also must mention that Marc made a me a yummy egg sandwich for breakfast yum!

So after that I had to vacuum the floor because the bedding we use for our bunnies gets EVERYWHERE!! Problem is, is that this type of bedding is the correct kind, aspen. Bunnies can have respiratory problems if you use the wrong kind of bedding. So anyway this stuff is such a hassle and we even bought a BRAND NEW vacuum in order to get this stuff off the floor. I think this picture will explain it better than I can. Here is the rug AFTER I've vacuumed.

And here I am trying to get the crud off of the floor with a lint brush. Which didn't work at all.

So now I am stuck with a shitty floor.

Oh and here is a picture of little Einstein/ Jaquimo his little leggies are so CUTE!

Oh yes and as you can tell from my last post I had to get a pair of reading glasses, I guess I really must be getting old or something :) I do like them though and got quite a few compliments on them at work.

Finally my night ended with The Grimm Brothers Snow White and a version of Rachael Rays Chicken Pear Paninis with Rainbow Coleslaw. It was really tasty and Marc ate 3 sandwiches, stating that this was just "way too good"

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The day you said, holy shit I look like my MOM!

That was today for me pretty much because I have to wear reading glasses! I also have a permanent "lazy ass eyebrow"

Monday, April 12, 2010


Here's a picture of me and Einstein..awww..

So today started out a little earlier than normal (9am instead of 11am) Sounds quite late but not so bad for me since I work a late second shift. I drove Marc to get his tires taken care of, he needed two more and he was in such a good mood about it that I convinced him to go grocery shoppin with me yay! I love making new recipes and trying new things so I made Asparagus, brochuitto, egg pasta which was really a glorified carbonara. I really liked it though! I don't eat a lot of pasta dishes so it was a treat. Violet and Einstein have really hit it off. They don't know how to "do it" so its so cute to see him hump her face. I'm just so glad that they like each other! Marc had the day off today so he went to see The Wolfman at the Value Cinema I wonder if it was good. Guess I'll wait and see. I just keep dreaming about a nice shower and glass of Reisling after work. Yum :)
Other than that my days are filled with making plans for my birthday, wedding shower, and destination wedding! May 1st, May 8th, and June 4th. I'm going shopping with the sis in law on the 22nd so we'll see what we can find! Also I'm going with my mother in law to get my dress altered on Friday, I can't wait! My life is great and I am so happy! Now I just need to keep my house organized and save more money and I'd be in the clouds!