Saturday, April 17, 2010


What a LONG LONG DAY! I am so glad we got so much accomplished and everything is getting into place. Alice <--my mother in law and I first went to the tailoring shop to get my dress fitted which was fun and really a happy time. I really have to say how wonderful it felt to have lost so much weight, she had to take quite a bit off of it so it will probably cost more to fix it than it did to make it in the first place. I'm just excited to see it, next Friday it should be half way there. We even saw this cute little feather headband to go with my veil!
After the alterations shop we went to look for centerpiece ideas and ended up no finding what we wanted in Walmart so we went back to her house to see what we could pick up in the Michaels catalog. The decision was made for blue and cream hydrangeas for the bouquet, and black eyed susans in galvanized watering cans for centerpieces. It should be so cute!

Other things we got done:
wedding party planning, food, and reservations
swam with the kiddies
and just had a good time in each others company...

now I'm tired and I just want to SLEEP!

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