Thursday, April 15, 2010


So I was going to write a little update last night but some shit went down at work and it took me a good long time to finish an incident report before leaving for the night. Highly unusual but still crappy. To explain it in a cut and dry fashion, a repo man was entering the garage without permission but stated that he had the legal rights to do so. I had the police involved, the president of the association, the office manager, and my field supervisor. Ugh it was terrible. I hope they do understand though that If you are 6'5 and 400 pounds (no joke those guys were mammoths) you do flex out showing your bullying power on a 5'3 girl. That is fucked up and just plain DUMB! Anyway, back to my day...

Marc and I had a good morning, he didn't have to go to nana's because its a Wednesday so we had a morning to spend together. We were heading to a hobby store when we saw our little niece (5) and nephew (3) waiting for the bus, it was so nice to see them and little marky was riding his bike :). After visiting with them we went to the hobby store and I bought this book

I plan on doing a book review about it shortly on my other blog Bookworky Reviews. I did my first blog on there yesterday with a book called Sarah's Key check it out!

So after the hobby store we stopped by Walmart and then Mcdonalds for a Frappe Mocha. It was WAY TOO DELICIOUS. Most definitely will be headed to Curves to work some of it off haha! I also must mention that Marc made a me a yummy egg sandwich for breakfast yum!

So after that I had to vacuum the floor because the bedding we use for our bunnies gets EVERYWHERE!! Problem is, is that this type of bedding is the correct kind, aspen. Bunnies can have respiratory problems if you use the wrong kind of bedding. So anyway this stuff is such a hassle and we even bought a BRAND NEW vacuum in order to get this stuff off the floor. I think this picture will explain it better than I can. Here is the rug AFTER I've vacuumed.

And here I am trying to get the crud off of the floor with a lint brush. Which didn't work at all.

So now I am stuck with a shitty floor.

Oh and here is a picture of little Einstein/ Jaquimo his little leggies are so CUTE!

Oh yes and as you can tell from my last post I had to get a pair of reading glasses, I guess I really must be getting old or something :) I do like them though and got quite a few compliments on them at work.

Finally my night ended with The Grimm Brothers Snow White and a version of Rachael Rays Chicken Pear Paninis with Rainbow Coleslaw. It was really tasty and Marc ate 3 sandwiches, stating that this was just "way too good"

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